How can I lower
my utility bills?

A considerable factor affecting your utility bills is
the amount of electricity it takes to run your home’s
heating and cooling systems.

Older homes, and even many newer ones, have heating and cooling systems powered by PSC motors, an older, inefficient technology that runs up electric bills. Genteq’s Evergreen ECM motor was developed to replace outdated heating and cooling motors in people’s homes, instantly reducing their energy consumption and utility bills. Evergreen is designed to operate continually at low speed and then turn to high speed when the thermostat indicates. Running continuously keeps the air circulating in your house. This helps prevent temperature swings and draftiness in your home, and makes your air filter and humidifier work better.

Evergreen will instantly upgrade the efficiency of your central heating and cooling system, using 30-50% less electricity than a PSC motor and saving you approximately $125 each year on your electric bill.

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  1. The temperature throughout my house varies noticeably.
  2. My house feels muggy even after my air conditioner
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  3. My heating and cooling system is noisy.
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  5. The south side of my house is always warmer than
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  10. How can I lower my
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