Who's Genteq?

Genteq History

Genteq, a division of Regal Beloit (NYSE:RBC), sets the standard for developing innovative, high-efficiency motors and other control equipment for heating and cooling systems. Genteq products are found in premier heating and cooling equipment worldwide.

In 2004, Regal Beloit acquired General Electric’s commercial and residential HVACR motors and capacitors businesses. The agreement included the right for Regal Beloit to use the GE brand through 2009.

So in 2009, Regal Beloit rebranded its motor and capacitor division under the name Genteq. This name combines the root “gen,” referencing new beginnings (genesis) and ingenuity, with “teq,” showing a continued passion for the newest technology and a unique, innovative approach to problem solving.

Genteq provides innovative, premium motors and other components for all major brands of furnaces and air conditioners. Our reputation for superior-quality, highly reliable products and strong customer relationships make us the preferred brand throughout the heating and cooling industry.

About the Evergreen motor

Genteq’s Evergreen motor is a recent innovation that makes owning an energy-efficient system affordable for homeowners! It’s the first high-efficiency motor that can be added to your home’s heating/cooling system after-the-fact.

So, if you’d like to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency, you can simply replace the motor in your current furnace rather than buying a whole new home heating system – a savings of thousands of dollars. The Evergreen motor will instantly upgrade the efficiency of your central heating and cooling system. Its ECM technology uses 30-50% less electricity than a PSC motor and can save you approximately $125 each year on your electric bill.

Ask your contractor about replacing the motor in your home’s system with an energy-saving Evergreen motor.

Timeline of Genteq's key dates