How does my
air conditioner work?

To understand how your home central air conditioning system works, you need a general understanding of the basic components. They are:

  • Compressor, located in the unit outside your home
  • Condenser coil, also in the outdoor unit
  • Indoor evaporator coil, usually installed near your furnace or air conditioner

Air conditioners use a gas called a refrigerant that removes heat from the air through a chemical reaction. The air conditioner’s compressor, condenser and evaporator put the refrigerant through a series of chemical reactions in the evaporator coils near your furnace. This chemical reaction pulls heat and humidity out of the surrounding air.

The blower pulls warm air from throughout your house and moves it over the evaporator coils, which cool it. Once the air is cooled, your air conditioner works with your home’s furnace / air handling system to distribute it through the ductwork.