Why is Genteq/Evergreen
right for me?

Genteq makes innovative,
premium motors and other components for all major brands
of furnaces and air conditioners.

Our reputation for superior-quality, highly reliable products and strong customer relationships make us the preferred brand throughout the heating and cooling industry.

Genteq’s Evergreen IM motor is a recent innovation that makes owning an energy-efficient system affordable for homeowners! It’s the first ECM motor that can be added to your home’s heating/cooling system after-the-fact. If you’d like to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency, you can simply replace the motor in your current furnace rather than buying a whole new home heating system – a savings of thousands of dollars. The Evergreen motor will instantly upgrade the efficiency of your central heating and cooling system, using up to 75% fewer watts than a PSC blower motor and saving you approximately $125 each year on your electric bill.